The nuclear family is something of the past. The definition of an "American family" has drastically changed. Today we have traditional and non-traditional families, blended families, single parent families and never married families. No matter the makeup of your family, one thing is the same - caring for each other and your community.

Now more than ever, we are serving the needs of families for generations. Your parents who took care of you when you needed it are now turning to you for help. But you have your own family to care for, too. As a member of the "sandwich generation" - adults living with and supporting both their children and their parents - you may be asking yourself: Can I do both? What compromises or tradeoffs must be made? With careful planning, it's not only possible, it can be an emotionally satisfying experience.

In our combined 35+ years of experience, we have been honored to serve our families for generations. What may have initially began as a working relationship with newlyweds has turned into helping new parents support kids, grandkids and great grandkids….Here are some of the ways our families rely on us.


When you're not busy thinking about the time, space and money needed to care for multiple generations, you should be focusing on yourself – and treating yourself well too. Because the emotional, physical and financial aspects of caregiving can take a toll, it’s important to put yourself first so you can care for those who matter to you most.

We help you get your financial life together. We will create a realistic financial plan to help you achieve your goals and attain a successful financial future. Our services span from: prioritizing paying off high-interest debt, if any and continue saving for retirement; creating a new budget to adjust for shifting priorities and update your emergency fund, since you might have more people under your care; and even estate planning by making sure all of your legal documents are in order. We will help alleviate the stress from financial pressures you might be facing.


Talking with your spouse and financial advisor about how to balance priorities is prudent. Involving your kids in the conversation has its benefits, too. Helping you plan for the future education of your children can sometimes start sooner than expected. We will help you financially plan for the education of your children whether its college planning or primary private school until they reach college.

Equally as important as financial planning for the education of your kids, is raising financially wise children from toddlers to young adults. We believe the building blocks to raising financially savvy kids starts early with involving them in the conversation. Your advising team should play a key role in this with you. We are honored that our clients see us as financial teachers for their children. We provide resources to teach your kids about money while they are young. As they get older, we take the time to meet with your kids and help them feel more independent and confident about their financial future. Most of the time our clients kids already feel comfortable connecting with our team for guidance because they grew up with us as part of their “extended” family.


Not only may you be a caregiver, you also may be offering financial and emotional support too. We are here to guide you during a time that might be difficult. Even if you have a strong, open relationship with your parents, having a conversation about their finances, their future living situation, or the possible need for change is never easy, but necessary. We will help you understand all of the aspects of caring for your aging parents to ensure you have all of your financial bases covered and later life decisions managed as well.

There is nothing more important than family. Remember, tradeoffs don't mean all or nothing in this equation. We can create a financial plan that can be flexible enough to evolve with you and accommodate you and your family's changing needs. The balancing act may seem tricky at first, but by planning ahead - even before you find yourself in the middle of the sandwich - you can focus less on the stress and more on the reward of building rich intergenerational bonds.